# Gitea Fork ![](https://pad.gusted.xyz/uploads/1496e005-35d2-4a3d-9d61-252658e128ea.jpg) <small>_(source: [David Revoy](https://framapiaf.org/@davidrevoy/109273983593504694), CC-BY)_</small> Discussions about this draft happen here: https://matrix.to/#/#gitea-fork-on-codeberg:matrix.org ## Discussions ### Available workforce * loic: 2.5 days per week (moving from forgefriends to the (name) fork) * realaravinth: 1 day per week (non-Go related; websites, infrastructure, build pipeline, etc.) * circlebuilder: no commitment but somehow always around (loic wrote this line, half joking) * fnetx: organizational work, e.g. setting up repos, branching concepts, meta updates, communication, doing backports etc * Gusted: I am able to do technical-related stuff as well anything to do with the Gitea codebase. * fr33domlover: Offering help & support with decision-making tools and structures (that are aligned with human needs and use power *with* rather than power *over* people) and conflict engagement ### Naming the fork See https://codeberg.org/codename/meta/issues/1 for the selection process (fr33domlover) #### Smithy There is an AWS IDL named smithy which could cause problems if Amazon asks the name is changed. Even if they don't win in court they can burry the project in legal fees before it gets a chance to go to court. *(You may vote for this name, assuming for now that there's no risk; We're looking into this and of course won't pick this name if it's too risky)* (@circlebuilder registered domain names) ![Pepper sitting on a rock in the mountains, smiling](https://pad.gusted.xyz/uploads/8f5bfaa2-e15a-4e91-b751-07c7827822e4.jpg) <small>_(image: ["The Rendezvous"](https://www.davidrevoy.com/article638/illustration-the-rendezvous) by [David Revoy](https://framapiaf.org/@davidrevoy), [CC-BY](http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/))_ </small> The idea for the name aligns with the friendlier terminology we are using in [The Forgers Guild](https://forg.es). But also to general storytelling of this Forger's [Software Guild](https://discuss.coding.social/t/unionize-free-software-found-software-guilds/59) and its Mission / Vision: - Vision: Free the Free Software Development Lifecycle (e.g. #GiveUpGithub) - Mission: Liberate Free Software Development (from Hypercapitalism) How does this relate to branding? As follows: - Have branding that is less attractive for the corporates, appealing for FOSS folks. - Avoids overused naming such as "Libre" and even "Git". This brings it to GNU-like FOSS fanatic only appeal. - Have storytelling that's friendly and depicts a time before hypercapitalism, that we'd like to see kinda sorta in post-hypercapitalism world, with a fair system in place. - In terms of world setting the artwork of [David Revoy](https://www.davidrevoy.com/) is given as an example. He's already doing this for [FramaSoft](https://framasoft.org/en/). The people involved (community, relating to developers): - Codesmith's --> "Who forge free software and liberate code", Code liberators. In terms of Storytelling with relation to Codeberg: _"A theme that involves green pastures, nature and wild-life, new horizons. A setting like that of the Alps where small pittoresque Towns (communities) sit in their valleys. And Guilds with blacksmiths that are dilligently at work. Fully dedicated to “forging free software” for the fine residents in the surrounding areas and far beyond. In the picture above Pepper is sitting at the base of the Codeberg, smiling and happy."_ In terms of domain names: - For the product: **Smithy** - For the project: **smithy.tools** - Alternative, and/or: **smithy.town** **smithy.town** is ideal to be a main server where e.g. the Smithy codebase is hosted, if this is not on Codeberg. Especially with federation support, as instance name. > smithy is a direct substitute for 'forge' but sounds less industrial, more artisan / craftspeople. > [name=[Wordnik's definition](https://www.wordnik.com/words/smithy)] We might commission [David Revoy](https://framapiaf.org/@davidrevoy) to draw a nice mascotte & logo. Also possible: "Smithy Town" for the community / "Smithy Tools" for the product, and specific tools as project / repo names. As Ryuno-Ki mentioned that'll be (Smithy) Anvil, (Smithy) Cauldron, (Smithy) Plyers, etc. - Smithy Town: "Free software crafts" - Smithy Tools: "Forge free software" Alternative if Smithy isn't available: Smythy (Old English spelling). #### Gitenberg A play on the name of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press. - Fits with the name of Codeberg if they are maintaining the fork. - Contains the word "Git", whereas we might want to be VCS-agnostic at some future point? #### GitLibre After GitHub (non free) and GitLab (half free), an important word is "libre". So it gives **GitLibre**. [Cpm](https://toot.aquilenet.fr/@cpm) owns the domain names ```gitlibre.org``` and ```gitlibre.club```. He offers to transfer them free of charge. Note that ```gitlibre.com``` is owned by somebody else. #### Telibre Following the Libre theme, and taking the spanish word "té" (french "thé", german "Tee") for tea and sticking them together to make telibre. Since it is a made-up word, it appears .com and .org are both available. It is also a VCS-agnostic name. #### GitoLi or GitLi Git and Libre, but shortened (might conflict with Gitolite), GitLi might be okay, too, but sounds close to Gitly #### ForgeLi(b), LibreForge, Smithli, ForLibre, ForLi(b) You can actually find many combinations of Forge(like) and Libre. I'm sure we can bruteforce some interesting words out of it. loic: I like libreforge very much and registered it (libreforge.org / libreforge.net). I pledge to transfer the ownership of the domain to the organization where the fork will be hosted. #### GoForLi(b), ForGo, ... ... add Go to the Forge game ... #### OpenForge, (LibreForge), Fed(i)Forge, ... In the spirit of many other software programs, put the user freedom into the name. Since most of us are looking forward to forge federation, and it will be a selling point for our fork probably, why not even add that to the name? #### Fork-based names Not because this is a fork, but rather because of the nature of DVCS... Forkly, Forkit, Forkist Forklift... Other languages, maybe Garfo? #### Smelt As in [smelting metal](https://www.dictionary.com/browse/smelt), but it's also a fish... Logo idea? #### Furnace or Hearth #### Artisan #### Atelier loic: Atelier is the french word for workshop and where an artisan / craftperson works. I like to think of software development as craftmanship, similar to what a smith did when working metal in their own shop before the industrial revolution. Software, for me, is not an industrial process, it is better described as a small scale craftmanship. olivier: I own the atelier.dev domain. I can transfer the domain if wanted. #### Forge or Smithy in other languages - Forja (PT) - Fucina (IT) - Forgejo (Esperanto) - Schmiede (DE) - Forge (FR) #### Blacksmith in other languages - Herrero (ES) - Ferreiro (PT) - Schmied (DE) (pronounced "sh-meet" or "sh-meat") - Forgeron (FR) - Fabbro (IT) - Faber (LA) (the termine gas ) #### Brigid Celtic goddess of spring, blacksmiths, fertility, healing, and poetry - Brigit if we wanted Git in the name... #### forgefriends See [this ongoing discussion](https://forum.forgefriends.org/t/donating-the-forgefriends-name-to-the-gitea-fork/936) to figure out if the forgefriends community would agree to donate the name. #### Gimli Dwarf in the "Lord of the Rings". Dwarves are also blacksmiths (or goldsmiths). Could be converted to the above Gitli if "git" is wanted. #### CodeLab A Lab/Place where people are coding together. Like Codeberg and GitLab. #### sago, chago, cha-go-yu Blend of the japanese tea ceremony (sadō/chadō - "The Way of Tea", cha-no-yu - "Hot water for tea") and the programming language Go (Note that sago is also a [starch](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sago)). The soft fork wants to get the best out of Gitea (Git with a cup of tea). This can be seen as a ceremony to serve the perfect tea. #### Smithea Keeps some of the history in its name and keeps the "roundness" of Gitea (more info in the [chat](https://matrix.to/#/!qjPHwFPdxhpLkXMkyP:matrix.org/$sallsCD4my5ItH-oEL97plyBh2H7LX_lV6oc1Bu21mA?via=matrix.org&via=tchncs.de&via=exozy.me)). #### Gitoffee Git with a cup of coffee. From the name, it's intuitive that this is a (soft) fork, which does not try to break with the spirit of Gitea, but connect to the tradition and improve upon. #### Gitmate Git with a cup of [mate](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mate_(drink)), as suggested in [Hacker News](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=33395087). A quick search shows that it is a bit too overloaded. #### Giteine Git on caffeine. From the name, it's intuitive that this is a (soft) fork, which does not try to break with the spirit of Gitea, but connect to the tradition and improve upon. #### GitSmith Like a Blacksmith, but for Git Names CodeSmith and SoftSmith already taken - Contains the word "Git" - VCS-agnostic #### Smitty, Smittea Like Smithy or Smithea but without the "th" #### Tisane Like tea but without coffeine (which could represent the corporate greed in this case). I always found the "Tea" part of the original project's name to be interesting because it lets you think it's something that you can make by yourself easily and quickly. Tisane works well enough in several languages as far as I can tell (French, Italian and German) while possibly being misread in english as Ti-Sane... I have no idea if "Ti" could mean something, but *sane* is good ;-) #### Latte Beverage theme, short and nice #### Giticious Git + delicious #### Gitorium Git emporium. More like code emporium though but combines a lot better with Git. #### Codeshop Code workshop #### Codeshelf or similar (storage theme) Codeshelf, Codebox, Codejar, Codebin, Codebank, Codecup, etc. ## Fork strategy ### What is your goal with the fork? * loic: I want to be able to develop on a lively forge codebase under a healthy governance to advance forge federation. I will go the extra mile and help maintain a fork of Gitea that can welcome other developers. So far I maintained such a fork in forgefriends, just for me and a few others, primarily because I don't have access to GitHub. My goal has always been to move the development upstream and I can do that with the Gitea fork. - [@circlebuilder](https://matrix.to/#/!qjPHwFPdxhpLkXMkyP:matrix.org/$70VnM72vepA1bD3JWhEsVGL9r9lQ5srqeKB1cTYn3Yk?via=matrix.org&via=pfad.fr&via=exozy.me): To give my personal thoughts on fork strategy.. I'd not be very high profile. No FreeNode vs LiberaChat campaigning against each other. Start with a small dedicated group of people, and win people over gradually based on attractiveness. No or not too much active campaigning to lure people away from the other project. Win people over by general direction, and outlook. Make a roadmap. Some more project planning and product development insights may be good. A long-term vision. [Question from someone else: more like LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice?] - @realaravinth: I have projects that depend on Gitea and I am also in the process of switching from GitHub to a self-hosted Gitea instance. The recent changes in Gitea governance introduced a lot of unstability. I want a stable forge that I can depend on. - Gusted: I want to contribute my code reliably, not have the fear of stale pull requests. Hopefully with the new fork It would be easier to discuss major decisions for the code-base. ## Action plan Moved to https://codeberg.org/codename/meta/issues/3